Fun Facts

1.  If you were stuck on a Desert Island which 3 people would you choose to have with you and why?

My husband. Not only do I love him passionately but his firefighting/paramedic skills would come in handy! My island would not be complete without my female counterpart, Jen. Our friendship has spanned decades. Jen is married to Mike so he could come too. He happens to be a ninja survivalist!

2.  If you were not a Realtor what else would you do?

My first career was in the pet industry. I owned a full service pet shop while living in northern Idaho. I bred exotic birds, small animals, and housed and trained hundreds of other furry critters. I would do it all again in a heartbeat but California is not a favorable place for interactive pet shops! I still love helping animals through and I still get all excited talking about my pet shop adventures.

3.  If you didn’t live in Sonoma County where else in the world would you live?

I’m still exploring the world, but I would love to live in Italy. I fell in love with the countryside and the Mediterranean and of course the people, food and wine. Hmmm, sounds a lot like Sonoma County!

4.  Okay, so speaking of food. What is the best meal that you’ve ever had in Sonoma County?

Oh such a cruel question! There are so many exceptional choices. With that said, my mouth waters for Willi’s Seafood Bar’s Almond Crusted Trout over Wilted Spinach with Lemon Caper Butter. Simple. Crunchy. Sweet, Tangy. Salty. Memorable. Wish I could get some now! Paired with a crisp Lynmar Chardonnay of course.

5.  We hear you like to cook, would you rather dine out or cook at home?

Do I have to choose? I love exploring all kinds of restaurants, from fine dining to local haunts and every thing in between. However, I am a farm to table home cook and love nothing more than creating fond memories around a table filled with fabulous food, friends, and cheer. Our table is always full.

6.  Let’s take a walk on the wild side, what is your favorite swear word?

It only comes out in front of friends so if I use it, consider yourself “loved.”

7.  What question are you most often asked at parties?

“How’s the Real Estate Market?”! I’d say 99% of the people I meet ask me this.
I love sharing my knowledge and the answers differ depending on where each person is at in relation to the market, whether they are buyers/sellers, investors, retirees, first time homebuyers and so forth. I love it when people ask! It gives me an opportunity to really educate them about parts of the market typically not addressed by the media. It’s fun stuff!

8.  What is you favorite place to connect with nature in Sonoma County?

I love this question since I have always felt so connected to nature. I really do love walking through Armstrong Woods on a quiet damp day. Those majestic 1000-year-old redwoods are humbling. And at the top of the mountain, the reward is intoxicating with 360 forever views. Waterfalls, frogs, and the sweet smells of the forest, it just doesn’t get any better than Armstrong Woods in the winter.

9.  What is the “hardest” thing about being a parent?

Oh boy, the most painful part is letting them “fall” for their own good. My husband and I have always believed in tough love and natural consequences, when warranted. It is hard seeing them suffer at times but in the end we know we have made the right decisions. They are amazing young adults which we gladly take a little too much credit for.

10.  Okay lastly, toughest question of the bunch Laura, who do you love more your husband or your dog?

Depends on the day and who ate the rest of the Mac N’ Cheese off the counter.