Art Scene Favorites

#1. Sonoma County Art Scene Favorite: Charles M. Schulz Museum


Exploring the Charles M. Schulz Museum

One my absolute favorites and an integral part of the Sonoma County art scene. This museum has never been more pertinent as 2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog! At the Charles M. Shulz Museum you can view the largest collection of original Peanuts art work in the world! You can also learn the art of cartooning and understand Shulz’s role in its evolution and development. Sit back and relax and watch timeless animated Peanuts specials and documentaries in their comfortable and intimate theatre. Keep a look out for special Year of the Dog activities on the third Saturday of every month and collect a different Snoopy button each month. Activites are usually included with the price of admission unless otherwise stated.

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Secret Tips:

Use their great online event calendar to find great specials including free admission days including the famous Peppermint Patty Day when all redheads get in for free. They also offer summer camps for budding artists too. Next door is Snoopy’s Home Ice Arena, which is also a great place for family fun. They have a new chef at the Warm Puppy Cafe is sure to turn out some great local fare.


#2. Sonoma County Art Scene Favorite: Art Trails


Exploring the Art Trails

Support local artists and purchase their incredible works. Art Trails was rescheduled in 2017 after the fires devastated our local community with seven artists from the Art Trails community losing everything, homes, studio, all their inventory and the entire collection of their artwork. Never have they needed our love and support more. Visit the Art Trails website below.


#3. Sonoma County Art Scene Favorite: Museums of Sonoma County


Exploring the Museums of Sonoma County

A Smithsonian Affiliate, the Art Museum of Sonoma County showcases national and international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. Coupled with the History Museum of Sonoma County this is a must see for the visitor and local alike with collections documenting our region’s rich land and history.The museum offers diverse education programs and acts as a creative forum and local gathering place for our youth and adults.

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#4. Sonoma County Art Scene Favorite: Fulton Crossing


Exploring Fulton Crossing

In a statement about artistic entrepreneurship and possibilities the buildings at Fulton Crossing existed prior to 2010 as a chicken slaughter house and factory. Fresh vision in 2010 reimagined what was possible with the derelict buildings and the warehouse was restablished as a place where Sonoma County artists should showcase their work. Rooms that were once used for destruction now tell a different story as our contemporary artists display their powerful works in this unique space. Fulton Crossing in a must see, having been published in numerous publications and being used as a venue to host open studio and creatively collaborative events.

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#5. Sonoma County Art Scene Favorite: Sonoma Valley Museum of Arts


Exploring the Sonoma Valley Museum of Arts

Located just off the plaza at 551 Broadway, Sonoma, the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art (SVMA) was founded in 1998 to meet this need and promote the creation, exhibition, and collection of fine arts from around the world and provide educational opportunities to people of all ages.

Since 1999, SVMA has staged more than 70 exhibitions attracting over 130,000 visitors. It occupies an 8,000-square-foot space at 551 Broadway, just one-half block south of the historic Sonoma Town Plaza. The museum purchased the building in early 2001, and extensive renovations, including the addition of a new façade, were completed in March 2004. In 2010, classroom space was installed. With a membership of more than 1,000 households, SVMA is the largest visual arts organization in the San Francisco North Bay region (Sonoma, Marin, Napa and Solano Counties). In recent years, the curatorial mission has evolved to feature modern and contemporary work, bringing a new perspective to the area.

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