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Nitty Gritty FAQs - Is Selling Right For You?
Should I sell?

This is an individualized decision. We are here to help you by providing education and resources so you can confidently choose if rebuilding or selling is right for you.

When is the best time to sell?

The potential volume for lot sales is greater now than at any other time in our history; creating a specialized market. Therefore, our honest advice is that the best time for YOU to sell your lot is once you have decided not to rebuild and emotionally are ready to move on.

How fast can I expect to sell my lot?

The marketability of your lot depends on several factors, all of which we will advise you on in our one to one appointment. We will create a comprehensive marketing plan to set your lot apart from others with our unique approach.

How are you determining my lot value?

The value of your lot directly depends on how the next owner will be able to use it. We compare your property to similar recent sales, and take into consideration key factors unique to your parcel and will provide you with a detailed pricing report for your consideration.

What will it cost me to sell?

Our rates are competitive with additional incentives, which we are happy to discuss in person. Individual seller costs, in addition to commissions, will vary depending on city or county designation.

My lot has been cleared. What about the debris left over?

Any additional damages or debris beyond what is covered by your contracted clean up will be assessed on an individual basis.

What about septic/well, do they need to be tested?
  • Water: Potable water could affect the marketability of your property.
  • Septic: Not necessarily. Knowing how many bedrooms your system perced for is a key piece of information that may influence value.
Do I need to settle with my insurance company first?

Requirements will vary from carrier to carrier. We do not require that your claim be settled or closed to list your lot for sale, however the sale could impact your insurance settlement or delay closing.

Will I be subject to taxes on the sale?

Insurance payouts in conjunction with the sale of your lot are traditionally considered a sale in the eyes of the IRS, which could trigger a taxable event. Please consult with your CPA, or request a referral from us.

Does my lot need to be cleared?

We need a certification as a condition to complete the sale to minimize your future risk, however your lot can be listed and have an accepted offer prior to final cleanup certification.

What about the bill for the debris removal?

The FEMA/private contractor debris removal is a separate contract between you and that agency, and does not run with the property. You will remain responsible for that contract after the sale is complete.

We are interested in learning more. What are our next steps?

To connect with Laura & Lauren, please submit your request in the form provided below. One of them will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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